82” screen with multitouch

Perceptive Pixel Outs 82- 1080p Multi-Touch Display – HotHardware An 82” TV would be very nice (my 50” TV doesn’t quite cut it for movies), and this one has multitouch too, to work as an interactive display. It’s just a bit pricy. This is what I’d like to see as a future replacement for whiteboards?

What’s being an entrepreneur?

This is in Swedish, but with some videos and page links in English. Ett startups myter, verklighet och missuppfattningar – SiXX – Fredrik Stenbeck Quite interesting read, and a good lithmus test if you think you’d be able to handle building up a new company.

Google gets patent-slapped

I believe there’s now a big “Oops!” sounding through Google’s headquarters. After Google rant on Android patents, Microsoft tweets- ‘Really-‘ – IT News Google Responds To Microsoft’s “Gotcha”- They’re Diverting Attention With A Trick That Failed – Microsoft and Google go tit-for-tat in patent spat – Business – News Oh, Yeah- Microsoft Responds to Google Read more about Google gets patent-slapped[…]