Lawsuits galore

Considering Oracle has sued Google over Java, why not sue Microsoft as well? There are so many similarities between C# and Java that’s it’s almost a “Java+”. I mean, when everybody sues everybody anyway in the fight for market dominance, why not take it up a notch? Or does Microsoft have a license so they Read more about Lawsuits galore[…]

iPad and the tiny rest

It’s iPad or nothing, survey says – Wireless – CNET News Advice to tablet providers (except Apple): Find success elsewhere. Personally I would rather spend $x on a laptop than pay the same price for a tablet, but that’s me.

The looks of a tablet

Pic- iPad Copycats Are Everywhere The notion of what a tablet is (or at least how it looks) has changed in a rather hilarious way: From lots of buttons and attempts at differentiating design, to no buttons and no design.

Google+ makes its mark

Is Google+ starting to get on Facebook’s nerves- — Tech News and Analysis “Google+ is everything Google’s other social efforts weren’t” This is a key point. Wave, Buzz, Jaiku etc have all failed miserably and partly surprisingly, so Google+ is Google’s comeback. Google truly needs this.