iPad and the tiny rest

It’s iPad or nothing, survey says – Wireless – CNET News Advice to tablet providers (except Apple): Find success elsewhere. Personally I would rather spend $x on a laptop than pay the same price for a tablet, but that’s me.

The looks of a tablet

Pic- iPad Copycats Are Everywhere The notion of what a tablet is (or at least how it looks) has changed in a rather hilarious way: From lots of buttons and attempts at differentiating design, to no buttons and no design.

Google+ makes its mark

Is Google+ starting to get on Facebook’s nerves- — Tech News and Analysis “Google+ is everything Google’s other social efforts weren’t” This is a key point. Wave, Buzz, Jaiku etc have all failed miserably and partly surprisingly, so Google+ is Google’s comeback. Google truly needs this.

Follow the money: In-app purchases in mobile games

Two-thirds of in-app game buys have fleeting value “Games that offer these consumable goods make a lot of money for developers, and they are “the best ROI” for game developers, according to Flurry.” “For developers looking for the best investment, look no further than free games that offer virtual goods via in-app currency, according to Read more about Follow the money: In-app purchases in mobile games[…]