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Follow the money: The lack of anonymity lobby

Facebook’s and Google’s interest here is of course revenue and minimizing member churn. Those paying Facebook are primarily advertisers that want to be able to target “viewers” better to get increased effect, as well as investors that would be concerned if Facebook lost members. Facebook is not a neutral entity, it’s purely commercial, so read with that in mind.

Privacy and Security Fanatic- Argh! Another Facebook Zuckerberg Wants to Kill Off Anonymity

“On Facebook or Google Plus, where people must use real names, have you been monetarily compensated for that collection of your personal data? No and unless something radical happens to make Davis’ vision a reality, you won’t collect some form of digital currency for your online data connected to your real name.”

There are billions of dollars in the social networking industry. Surely Facebook and Google will lobby for this on a governmental level. They can afford it and they need it.

Only reveal as much as you want to. Very little info is needed if you know the people you’ve digitally be-friended, or skip it entirely and get a life.