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Follow the money: mobile gaming

A lot about mobile gaming these days, seemingly a very profitable area of business, if you are lucky enough to get a hit that is.

Infographic- The Rise and Rise of Mobile Gaming – News & Opinion –

“But mobile gaming is a tough nut to crack for developers. Just ten game publishers account for more than half of all downloads of the top 300 iPhone paid games.”

App makers relying more on repeat users to make money — Apple News, Tips and Reviews

“looking ahead to next year, 50 percent of those surveyed say in-app purchasing will be the most important strategy, tying with app store sales.”

“91 percent say iPhone is their target platform”

I double-checked the above statements and the second one is very misleading (see Q3 2011 Appcelerator-IDC Mobile Developer Report now available for download – Appcelerator). It means that 91% of those that work with AppCelerator (and not developers in general) work with iPhone, but almost as many also work with Android. A company providing mobile apps at least has to work with iOS and Android.

Sources- Storm8 Raising Huge $300 Million Round At $1 Billion Valuation – TechCrunch

“Mobile is clearly poised to be a massive market for gaming, and many companies (and their investors) and (sic!) hoping to surge to success the way Zynga has on Facebook.”