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Google+ news mash-up

It seems people believe it’s more a stand-off with Twitter than Facebook.

Google+ Tops Ten Million, Makes Lots of Money – HotHardware

Google+ Has Made Twitter Boring — Here’s What Twitter Should Do About It

Twitter has never been anything to phone home about from a UI/UX point-of-view, but it’s very good at aggregating information in a condensed no-nonsense way. That’s its power.

Regarding “2. Pictures and videos.”: You know who to ask.

Regarding “4. No API, no auto pushing of content.”: I’d be very surprised if Google+ will not have an API for publishing content. That’s what made Twitter a success. Remember that the PC/mobile apps and services all use this API, and Twitizer does too.

Commentary on the above: Asking Twitter To Commit Suicide With A Google+ Dagger – TechCrunch