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Space shuttle mashup

I watched the launch in real time via NASA´s site. You can follow the ongoing mission at NASA – NASA TV

Atlantis’ 1st full day in orbit nearly perfect

Shuttle Diplomacy- Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson Explain How the Space Shuttle Was Never Really Abou

“The Shuttle was never really intended to promote research or fulfill NASA’s goal of space exploration. Instead, like the Apollo missions to the moon, the $160 billion Shuttle program was the product of politics.”

Like the Apollo missions then, but less so.

Atlantis docks with space station –

Obama Says Last Space Shuttle Launch Ends One Era, But Opens Another – President Obama & NASA –

“NASA currently plans to use a new space capsule, called the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, for future deep space missions.”

“The heavy-lift rocket for the new program is called the Space Launch System, but the details of the booster are not yet final. This week, NASA officials said they plan to settle on a design for the new rocket by the end of summer.”

What if there’s a disaster on the ISS meanwhile. What happens then?