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Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Easy to understand means easy to market.

Simple is Marketable – Andrew Chen (@andrewchen)

“Instead of making the high-value actions bolded and highlighted in yellow, simply remove the actions that are no longer necessary.”

Interesting idea, yet hard for a techie to digest, and requires you to know why people actually use your product. How many companies are actually doing this? None that I know of.

I have some advice of my own for Web services and apps:

  • Start simple with the core functionality in place. It saves you time and money and it makes your offering easy to understand quickly and easier to promote (as stated above).
  • Add more features as your budget allows, based on user feedback and to fend off competition etc.
  • If the offering is B2B, generally start with a fee-based setup.
  • If the offering is B2C or pro-personal, generally start with a fee-less setup and ad-based revenue, with fee-based premium functionality later.