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On corporate efficiency

Compared to Zynga, Groupon is run by a bunch of clowns – VentureBeat

Calling Groupon’s employees clowns shows of arrogance on Venturebeat’s part, and a lack of understanding of how different markets work.

Zynga is said to have little administration costs, but on the other hand they need a lot of developers for making new games, while Groupon don’t need at all as many developers.  They instead need many marketing and sales people.

Admittedly, I’m surprised by the amount of employees outside of USA. Have they grown too fast? Do they really need all that staff? What do they do?

Zynga naturally can stay local, as they primarily market virally via Facebook.

Groupon might be able to (and most likely needs to) bring down staff costs, but Zynga and Groupon are really in completely different markets, so a straight comparison is not possible nor fair.