Native vs Web apps

Network coverage is not the only problem with Web apps. Browser-based apps- the pressing problem of network coverage – AnalystXpress – the Juniper Resea MediaShift . How Publishers Can Bypass Apple with HTML5 Web Apps – PBS Some areas where native apps (still) shine: Network coverage (no need for, except when installing/upgrading, unless high scores Read more about Native vs Web apps[…]

Facebook, a friend substitute

An epiphany of sorts: Facebook gives you the impression of being friends with people you aren’t friends with, or at least no longer, and therefore could stifle you from attempting to make new real friends, as you might not have any at the moment. Rather bleak, as epiphanies go, but think about it.

iMessage vs SMS

iMessage is yet another app/service combo that provides SMS-like message communication via TCP/IP instead of SMS. 3 reasons why iMessage won’t kill SMS — Mobile Technology News This increases performance and lowers end-user cost. Will it matter that Apple provides a solution, considering there must already be 100s (maybe 1000s) of apps that already do Read more about iMessage vs SMS[…]


GigaOM is a very good source for information about IT companies and IT trends. Give it a spin. GigaOM — Tech News, Analysis and Trends

Twitizer: Teaser info, menu icons, thumbnails, performance etc

Enhancements: The home page shows a classical “as easy as 1-2-3” message to tease users (read: you) to sign up. The top menu has icons and the text has been made larger for more intuitive navigation. In thumbnail gallery mode (shown on the timeline, home and landing pages), only the first media thumbnail is shown Read more about Twitizer: Teaser info, menu icons, thumbnails, performance etc[…]