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E-book reader comparison

If you read tons of literature, this is the time to buy an e-book reader. Here’s a comparison to help you make the choice.

Review- 5 e-book readers for less than $175 –

Benefits with a reader as opposed to paper books (see Related for more):

  • You free up space for furniture. Why put lots of wood pulp on shelves?
  • Carry several books with you on trips, without noticeable weight.
  • Adjust your reader to the best reading comfort (text size vs amount of text per page trade-off, portrait or landscape etc). Try that with a paper book.
  • Always watch text straight on, instead of in alternating angles due to stubborn binding.
  • Get new books directly via the reader.
  • Read your own and others’ documents without having to print them (also see the trip benefit).
  • etc