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Where does a tablet fit in?

I know many use tablets for gaming, music, drawing etc, so I don’t claim that my uses are especially generic, except possibly in a consulting context.

A tablet is without question much better for reading PDFs and for browsing than an E-Ink e-book reader or a smartphone, but my laptop beats it on everything (hands down), except portability.

I have a sense I have too many gadgets. Note that what follows is just what I use on a daily basis. There are numerous PDAs and phones collecting dust.


  • Devices: currently Apple iPhone 3GS and HTC Wildfire, depending on mood and circumstance
  • Context: Everywhere
  • Uses: primarily phone calls, SMS, e-mail, browsing, social apps, 3G modem for the laptop

E-book reader

  • Device: currently Amazon Kindle
  • Context: Home and while travelling
  • Uses: reading literature


  • Device: currently SuperPad (Android)
  • Context: Home only, but sometimes professionally
  • Uses: e-mail, browsing, reading (mainly documentation as PDFs)

Laptop PC

  • Device: currently Dell Vostro 3500 with some extra goodies
  • Context: Home and work, including at customer sites
  • Uses: e-mail, browsing, documentation, software development, reading (while working)

Desktop PC

  • Device: No-brand gaming-optimized PC
  • Context: Home office
  • Uses: the same as for the laptop, and gaming