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Twitter rumored to do pictures

It was inevitable (the second time I write that today):

Twitter Plans To Launch Photo-Sharing Service [REPORT]

Did they acquire a company for this?


The following shows Twitter’s stance on third-party apps:

Twitter to Devs- Don’t Make Twitter Clients … Or Else

“Developers ask us if they should build client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience,” he wrote. “The answer is no.”

The interesting thing is that Yfrog recently did exactly that. In comparison, Abiro’s Twitizer is a service that complements Twitter rather than masks it.

“Publisher apps like SocialFlow, curation apps like Sulia, real-time data apps like Klout, brand-focused apps like HootSuite, and “value-added” apps like Foursquare all got a hall pass.”