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Do you as a company need mobile apps?

How to Decide Whether Your Business Needs an App [INFOGRAPHIC]

My spin on this:

  • If you are an ISV providing intranet or cloud services to companies, you need to cater to the mobile user as well.
  • If you are an ISV providing desktop applications, you should consider developing mobile apps for increased revenue and decreased piracy.
  • If you are a larger company with a large staff that need to work better together on the field, you should provide mobile access to services like time and status reporting etc.

A Web app based solution can be preferred if you don’t charge for the app:

  • Much easier to make work on many different devices
  • The mobile behavior is always in sync with the corporate service behavior
  • Same core concepts as for the PC Web app

Still, a Web app will not provide the same usability as a native app, and you won’t get access to nearly as much phone functionality.

The best approach is to decide what you want the app and solution to do (at least in terms of core functionality) and then discuss the best technical approach with an app expert, like Abiro.