Android Send Intent

If you see this icon in an app, you know the Send Intent is in play. It’s very useful both on the sending and receiving side of an application, and makes it considerably more versatile.

Tablets, places of use

The true laptop computer? Nielsen finds 70% of tablets used while watching TV – Electronista Nielsen- 51% of iPad use is in bed or in front of the TV – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech “The next favorite place was in bed, at 57 percent of people and 21 percent of their time.”

Will there be an IPO ripple effect in Web 2.0/Social?

Predictions: Facebook will IPO during 2011, partly as a consequence of the (so far) successful LinkedIn IPO. They will do so pushed by investors and founders alike. (very likely) So will Groupon and Zynga. (very likely) Foursquare and Twitter will too, but they don’t have revenue to motivate a high valuation, so the stock could Read more about Will there be an IPO ripple effect in Web 2.0/Social?[…]

Twitizer Uploader 1.02

Uploader now shows up in the share/send lists of other applications, making it even easier to post multimedia and long messages. If text is shared, it shows up in the message field, so you can write a separate status about what is being posted.

Rumors about the next iPhone

The only comment I have is that it at least has to have NFC, as it doesn’t add cost, and NFC is already looooooooong overdue. Next iPhone To Have 4G, NFC- Think Again, Say Analysts 4G could wait though, considering the 3G/Wi-Fi combo handles the communication needs rather well.