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Facebook not interested in mobile ads

Yes, this is genuinely weird.

Facebook disinterest in mobile advertising raises eyebrows – AnalystXpress – the Juniper Researc

Putting ads in the Facebook client would increase revenue considerably, but maybe they don’t want to clutter the app with ads. No relevant reason when you look at the bottom line though.

“There appears to be a combination of factors at work here: a desire to deliver the optimal social networking site allied to a fear that such advertising might damage the Facebook brand and prompt substantial churn away from the site.”

But there are ads at the PC site, so what’s the problem?

“while Facebook is positive about technologies such as  NFC  – the “X Men” poster campaign enabled by Proxima allows users to access either a mobile trailer or film Facebook page by using NFC-capable handsets”

Forget NFC completely for now.  Do click ads instead.