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Tighter privacy controls

Information about members/customers is increasingly becoming big business, so the companies involved are for obvious reasons not happy to adhere to stricter privacy rules.


California Pushes for Tightened Social Network Privacy Controls – Techland –

“You shouldn’t have to sign in and give up your personal information before you get to the part where you say, ‘Please don’t share my personal information,'””

“A spokesperson for an industry trade group that includes Facebook, Google, and dating sites eHarmony and contends that such a law “would force users to make decisions about privacy and visibility of all information well before they even used the service for the first time, and in such a manner that they are less likely to pay attention and process the information.””

This could be easily solved by setting simple levels, like no sharing, sharing only to friends etc.


Apple, Google, Facebook to talk privacy with Senate – Apple Talk – CNET News

“Location tracking has become a particularly high-profile area of interest for consumers and lawmakers alike.”

“As for Facebook, which is a newcomer since last week’s hearing, location has become an increasingly important part of the service since it unveiled its “places” feature late last year.”