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Time to change focus on Web apps

At least according to Mike Maples Jr at Floodgate Capital:

Groupon Clones, Color and “The Meme of the Moment”- Tech News and Analysis «

“The next wave is going to be an application centered wave. Companies will leverage the fact that everybody is connected in social graphs and will take advantage of that data in a new way and re-imagine the space.”

Tough words, but they make sense.

“Maples was particularly dismissive of the long-term potential for photo-sharing platforms and applications like Color and Instagram.”

A warning sign, or time to get really busy before it’s too late?

“most seemed to agree that data mining and analytics for e-commerce were interesting areas still in their infancy. While companies have begun to try and harness data from our social networks, none have been able to pull that data out of social networks and harness it in a meaningful way”

Good advice, and a very interesting opportunity for Abiro.