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SMS vs Mobile IM

I consider this an outdated issue: I think, therefore IM- does mobile IM pose a threat to SMS- – AnalystXpress – the Juniper Resear

I posted this comment (I fixed the typos):

This discussion was valid 10 years ago, and the exact same question was stated then.

Now Mobile IM is live and well on mobile phones via apps that connect you to MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Google, Skype, Facebook etc etc. Carrier-hosted IM solutions have failed utterly, and will never succeed.

IM and SMS serve different functions and satisfy different needs, and this has balanced itself out by now.

“SMS is a mature service, but one that is evolving technologically”

Nothing has happened technologically with SMS the last 20 or so years. How do you mean it’s evolving? The only new thing is treating SMS conversations as chat threads (in e.g. iPhone and Android phones), but that doesn’t mean SMS has changed in any way, unless you mean MMS as a version of SMS.

Mobile IM is also mature by now.