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Deals/coupons is where it’s at right now

Much more so than location, as deals services are very profitable, while check-in services are not.

Bye Bye Groupon, Hello thruPons– Tech News and Analysis «

“The reason there are so many clones out there is because there is a lot of money to be made very quickly,”

I normally don’t care about coupons, but admittedly I have succumbed to a certain type of deals myself: When  purchasing at CDON for a high enough value I can buy movies etc at a lower price. Stuff that I would otherwise not buy, so I guess I’m not completely unaffected by deals. It’s excellent for CDON, as they get more revenue per time unit and customer, and that’s all that matters to a distributor.

I’m sure we’ll see more of “You probably will also like this.” and even “One of your friends bought this. Why don’t you?”.