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Who will outcompete Twitter?

Maybe none, but it seems many are called. Who will manage to do it`?

  • UberSocial has plans
  • yfrog already encapsulates pretty much all Twitter functionality, with the addition of multimedia tweets
  • Abiro (Twitizer) has plans too, but so far less ambitious than the above

Common for all such contenders is that they bring more to the table in terms of messaging functionality than Twitter does today. Twitter Is still primarily a switchboard for text-only short messages, yet does that very well, except when the beloved flying whale shows up.

The one winning, which might be Twitter itself it Twitter acquires complementing technology or develops its own, will also sport handling of multimedia and files in general, as well as advertising, and possibly other things like tickets, deals, check-ins etc

The reason I say this is that even for the situations where Twitter shines, users often want to complement messages with pictures and videos, and they also get that because…

…as indicated earlier, Twitter doesn’t support multimedia at all, but the PC and mobile apps do, and they use external services for the multimedia. That’s not a long term solution if Twitter is serious about staying in this market and become profitable (and Twitter is far from profitable today), as relying on external and completely uncontrollable companies that want to become Twitter’s competitors only works for a while.