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Dvorak on Twitter

He’s not amused, and I pretty much agree with him.

Is Twitter worth $10 billion- John Dvorak’s Second Opinion – MarketWatch

“Let’s face it: The code that runs Twitter and most social-networking phenomena is fairly trivial, although scaling to large usage levels may be difficult. Still, it is not rocket science.”

True. It would be very easy to replace Twitter from a technical standpoint, so it’s all in the critical mass of users. Remember also that Twitter handles much simpler and less data than Facebook, Foursquare etc, and Facebook has many more users. It’s not simple to handle the workload and it’s also quite expensive. The latter is the real problem for Twitter, as far as I can see, as it’s hard to limit, while the number of employees can be controlled more easily.

“So something is up. If I were the Twitter management and an offer was made, I’d take the money”

Me too.