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Is Twitter gaining or losing?

After reading this I’m still not sure which.

Twitter more robust than it may seem – CNN

Of course Twitter itself knows exactly how many active users there are and how much the service is used, but they have no reason to tell.

“UberMedia, the company behind mobile Twitter apps like Echofon, is planning to build a rival microblogging network”

Frankly that’s what I would like to turn Twitizer into, that intentionally already contains community-like features like rating and proper commenting, and it of course also has the element of multimedia, that is the basis for why it exists in the first place. Twitter lacks the mentioned features (Twitter replies are not what I would consider commenting proper). Searching on Twitizer is also done properly: On the full text content rather than only the user name and tweet. As Twitizer currently relies on Twitter for user authentication, following etc, it also lacks a lot of features that would be needed if it was stand-alone.

This accentuates my point: Could Twitter Get “MySpaced”- – Mark Evans Tech

There’s a lot of interesting stuff you can do on top of Twitter, as it essentially is an opt-in distribution network, and there are also tons of complementing applications, as you already know.

It would be interesting to set up a workshop (e.g. at a technical university) on inventing new uses for Twitter, implementing the actual applications during the lab.