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Trends in mobile apps

More and more services become primarily intended for access from mobiles, and using a native mobile app as the front-end for the user interaction.

This shift is in part due to the nature of mobile phone use: You have it with you everywhere, and it has features that PCs don’t have , like location, motion detection, always-on connection etc.

5 Mobile App Trends You Can’t Ignore

I don’t really disagree with any of the suggestions here. Where I see the most revenue potential is in localized ads and offerings.

I though lack ticketing, that I see has big potential due to  it being much more practical than handling paper tickets.

A paradigm shift that’s been going on for a few years is that services piggyback on other services, as most new services have APIs making that possible. Using e.g. DropBox for phone backups is a good example of that. The question is though, if services are hidden behind services in this way, how do they generate revenue?