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New ad models for games

Kiip  provides offerings based on game achievements.

Kiip Is An Entirely New Mobile Ad Model- Real Life Rewards For In-Game Achievements

I have another model, that I don’t know whether it’s being deployed yet:

Dynamic ads in games. Not at the bottom or top of the screen, but in the game, changing as new ads become available.

E.g. if you are playing a sports or car game, you would see live ads around the arena. If you play an action/adenture game you might find bottles, foodstuffs, cars etc of certain brands based on who pays for advertising at the moment. Cars that you can drive are obviously a bit difficult to accomplish as they require downloading of new 3D models, so that’s not the place to start, but ad banners beside roads, in pubs etc are obvious places to put ads.

Clearly you don’t want to see ads for modern soft drinks or cars in a game that’s supposedly happening in medieval times or 10000 years in the future, so you have to use common sense. Maybe if it’s used in a toungue-and-cheek way, like “BMW provides the best 4 horse power hearses” or something. The problem with that is of course that the ad provider needs to customize ads for specific games. Therefore it’s best to start with games that have a contemporary setting.

An interesting thing we did at MM3 during 2007 was to show the latest MM3 news on a banner in Second Life, which is similar to what I describe above. I’m not sure anyone still uses Second Life, but it was quite a treat to see our live banner in the 3D environment.