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Quora vs Yahoo! Answers

Update 2021-05-08:

Yahoo! Answers is no more. You can find a number of alternatives for Q&As here: 12 Alternatives to Yahoo! Answers

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Yahoo! Answers – Home

Quora is the new guy in town, doing something very similar to what Yahoo! Answers does: Collects questions from users that then other users respond to, and you can vote on best answer etc.

So, how is Quora different and how can it exist?

For one, you can directly link it to your Facebook account. That makes users identify themselves as themselves, which is kind of weird for us Internet oldies considering the subject matter, but might be obvious to younger people.

You can also connect to your friends on Facebook and Twitter during the registration process. Also logical for a new service.

You can easily sign up to topic groups, and interestingly I then found some of my Facebook friends in the group I signed up to: Business start-ups.

In that group I found some genuinely interesting Q&As, with answers from founders of successful start-ups, showing in a simple way that Quora is inherently more targeted than Yahoo! Answers.

I only spent a few minutes on the site, so this was just a “teaser”.

There’s yet no mobile app, but I’m sure that’s on the way. If not, give me a call.