Bada delivers

Bada is Samsung’s own mobile platform. They also use Android and other platforms, but Bada is squarely their own, and they have their own app store as well. It’s been surprisingly successful considering we don’t hear much about Bada outside of Korea. From a developer point-of-view Bada is a good alternative, as it might be Read more about Bada delivers[…]

Ebook readers get smarter

The industry seems to agree with my thoughts in Paper books vs digital – Abiro How E-Books Are Coming Full Circle Thanks to Tablets- Mobile Technology News « Not that I’m content with the current tablets in terms of weight and battery life, but that will of course improve over time.

In-app purchases for Android

Good news, as this has shown to be a good way to profit from apps over time, and at the same time get the spread by providing the app for free. This complements direct purchase and advertising as revenue options. In-App Purchases Coming to Android Next Week