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What Twitter lacks: multimedia

Most people now believe Twitter supports multimedia and other types of files, as you can submit such from certain apps, and not the least the official Twitter app.

Twitter supports no such thing. It’s a pure micro blogging / SMS-like messaging service and nothing else.

That the Twitter app can support multimedia is because such files are uploaded to services outside of Twitter and referred to from a tweet via a link.

Hence, it’s not hard to imagine Twitter is likely to acquire a company providing such a service during 2011, to secure that such content will be handled securely and in a stable fashion, as well as make Twitter better prepared to compete with upcoming micro blogging / location sharing services with such functionality integrated.

Twitizer does exactly that. See the picture for how it’s done:


Twitizer supports several means for tweeting multimedia:

  • Via e-mail
  • Via MMS to an e-mail address
  • Via an Upload page
  • Via an API
  • Via a mobile app (soon available)

All the above with support for submitting tweets with multimedia from any place in the world. When submitting via the API it’s possible to add the location as well, independent of media type. It can be done via e-mail and MMS too, but only for pictures.

Actually, Twitizer is a community in itself at the core, but it’s currently using Twitter as user authenticator and of course for posting tweets. That would be easy to break up.

Potentially it also supports uploading of any other types of files, but as it was mis-used by people uploading viruses I had to remove that, so now it’s strictly for multimedia files, and it intentionally filters out other types of files.

Twitter: Let me know if you are shopping for a service like Twitizer. Just call me.