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When everything is on-line

Your house/apartment when everything has gone digital and on-line:

  • No shelves for movies
  • No shelves for CDs
  • No shelves for books
  • No mailbox for magazines, letters etc
  • No binders/file cabinets for documents

That of course also affects bricks and mortar and on-line shops selling movies, music, books and magazines on physical media. While the latter will survive by moving to digital downloads, the prior will not.

But you still need, and get better room for:

  • A large screen monitor and speaker system for movies and HD TV
  • Distributed audio in all rooms
  • An assortment of laptop, tablet and phone form factor devices; the question is which ones will remain

Of all this, paper seems the one legacy “device” we have hardest to get rid of, but it will eventually die of natural causes, as digital content is both more up to date, more interactive, and easier to customize to your interests and needs. That doesn’t mean it will be a quick one.