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Portable game consoles vs smartphones

Nintendo 3DS review- Is it worth $249 and $40 per game- – VentureBeat

I’ve been convering this topic before in Smart phones killed the game star, episode 2.

Compare that to 229 for the 8 GB iPod Touch (that is identical to the iPhone except for lack of a mobile radio) that can also be used for social networking, browsing, mailing etc, and games are free or available for a few dollars. iPod Touch lacks proper gaming controls and 3D, but on the other hand the touch screen is quite useful for gaming. You can also compare to Android smartphones that are sold for 200 and up.

Even if the Nintendo 3DS has benefits, nowadays it’s not so much about comparing to other portable consoles but to smartphones, and with increasing likelihood you already have a smartphone.

CNN agrees with me: CNN’s -Hardcore- Gamer Reviews 3DS, Hilarity Ensues – gamrFeed