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Big numbers in the cloud

…but it’s also very centralized. I had harder to find any good figures for cloud hosts. Sorry for the raw links.

Use of Twitter:—twitter-fyller-5-ar

As in 140 million messages per day! Even though we are talking short text snippets (all else is handled by companies outside of Twitter), they need a few servers for this, but a far cry from Facebook, as it handles much more complex and spacious data..

GroupOn’s revenue:

Facebook’s revenue:

“All told, Williamson said Facebook alone accounted for 5% of all online ad spend in 2010; she expects that number to rise to 8% in 2011.”

In other words a market worth 40B now and much more in the future, increasingly with ads viewed via mobile devices. I wonder why Facebook’s app doesn’t show ads yet. It no doubt will in the near future.

Facebook’s servers (note: June 2010, so more now):

Twitter’s revenue (not so much yet):

Foursquare’s revenue (not so much either):