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Java: What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose … Oh, sorry for quoting the bard of Avon.

Oracle- Don’t Count Out Java in the Mobile Space

Android is based on the Java language, yet not the Java platform. What the Oracle representative probably means is that Android is not using Oracle-owned IPR, that they got when acquiring Sun.

“Messinger referred to Oracle’s lawsuit over Android, as as affecting Java device development, although he would not elaborate. That lawsuit, ironically, alleges that Android violates Java patents.”

That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Android’s Dalvik is a carbon copy of the Java language, yet not using Oracle IPR. You do the math. Oracle is more likely to aggressively go after infringers than Sun did.

Java ME (in practice CLDC/MIDP) has lost media attention to such a degree that most people don’t even know most mobile phones can run apps, not just smartphones, and even believe that appstores came with iOS. As anyone in the industry knows, that’s of course not true.

CDC/PP, that’s a more capable CLDC-incompatible variant of Java ME and actually quite similar to Java SE, hasn’t been successful in phones, and will most likely never be.

I’m slightly sceptical about MIDP 3. It has no chance against iOS and Android in terms of functionality, so it will be used in simpler featurephones, but it takes seemingly forever to deploy it.