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Twitter on the march to profitability

As I hinted in Twitter shows its muscles the developer-benevolent Twitter we’ve known and loved for so long is showing signs of pulling value-generating features closer to home.

“anyone who is still under the impression that Twitter is the friendly, touchy-feely company that co-founder Evan Williams used to run — the one that admitted it “screwed up” relations with developers by moving too quickly — is living in a dream world.”

Why Twitter Should Think Twice About Bulldozing the Ecosystem- Tech News and Analysis «

“there isn’t really much competition when it comes to micro-blogging”

This is interesting, as there’s nothing stopping this from a technical point of view. There are lots of open source tools for micro-blogging that in many ways are much better than Twitter, so it’s mainly about the hype and the amount of users.

My own service Twitizer could easily be converted into a Twitter competitor, with additional features like multimedia support, real comments, rating etc. Anyone interested in investing?