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Will Angry Birds fly long term?

Rovio Mobile lifts 42M from investors, that obviously expect new successes and new revenue in the future.  Considering it’s only one specific game, this is indicating individual apps might become the base for companies in the future.

Angry Birds has become very popular with 75M+ downloads and revenue from other sources as well. Still, it seems naïve to me that this specific game (and the involved birds and pigs) can be milked for completely different offerings like TV shows, comics etc, but a comparison is made to Disney where a similar thing happened. We’ll see.

‘Angry Birds’ Developer Raises $42 million – The Hollywood Reporter

Angry Birds fuels $42m funding round for Rovio Mobile – Technology –

“The developer famously made more than 50 mobile games before striking gold with Angry Birds on Apple’s App Store.”

So it’s thankfully not a one-hit wonder then. It would probably have pissed off 1000s of other game providers if it was.