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Microsoft and tablets

Peculiarly it would be so simple for Microsoft to succeed in this field. That doesn’t mean they will, due to inertia and old-think, but even so.

Microsoft’s lack of a tablet strategy will lose it $1bn in profits this year – Technology – guar

Windows 7 is already used in tablets, and should be well suited for it, considering how long Microsoft has made tablet versions of Windows.

This review though shows Microsoft is behind on important aspects of usability:

Hanvon Windows 7 tablet squares off against the Apple iPad

“Though its specs and underlying hardware may trump the iPad’s hardware, the Windows 7 tablet lacks the finesse and ease of use associated with the Apple’s tablet device. There is no question that the iPhone OS trumps Windows 7 when it comes to touch-friendliness, ease of use, and media integration via iTunes and the App Store.”

I wish, for Microsoft’s sake, that they take this seriously, and act creatively in innovating the tablet market, and don’t just stick to old and out-dated paradigms.