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Microsoft doesn’t know mobile, episode 5011

I’ve said it time and time again at Abiro Mobile News and also here: Microsoft hasn’t and doesn’t understand mobile. They are stuck with their knowledge and success in the PC business.

Microsoft’s Oh My F—— God Moment –

Worse then that, Nokia has now agreed to use Microsoft’s mobile platform for the foreseeable future, while they should have continued with MeeGo instead.

It’s obviously factually wrong to say that Apple took control over the mobile revolution, as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and many others were already there, when Apple decided to jump in. It’s like Apple serves as a gravity lens, distorting media’s view of reality.

The writer is also wrong about who’s left on the playing field. Don’t forget Samsung and LG and the rest. Android wouldn’t be a success without the strong phone brands. Just see how Google has failed with its own phones. These players won’t sit on the bench and wait. RIM risks losing out more likely than Samsung and LG, as RIM is successful only regionally, and for many other reasons too.

Also, the writer seems to forget that it’s the revenue streams that count. As far as I know Google doesn’t get much revenue from Android per se. They get phone-related revenue from ads in games and sales through Android Market, etc.

In terms of Apple, RIM, Samsung, LG they all sell devices that they get margin from via their operator partners. Apple is still (and continuing) the most profitable, through products with a very high margin (too high in my opinion, but as long as customers pay up…) and with its very successful content sales. iTunes and App Store earns Apple much more money than Google gets from Android Market, so Google is still left with ads as its major and pretty much only revenue stream.

“Microsoft has a smartphone platform, but they have no way to connect it to a tablet or desktop computer.”

Hmm. Yes they do, if the PC runs WIndows. That’s part of WIndows Phone.

It would be very interesting if MeeGo started to compete with Microsoft on the desktop and laptop, considering Nokia just left it for Microsoft. There would be many “D’oh”’s at both Nokia and Microsoft then.

Interesting future ahead.