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A history of stupid toys

Furby was voted the most stupid one. From a geeky perspective I feel saddened.

10 of the stupidest toys of all time – Guyism

An interesting thing with the Furby dolls is that such toys will come back as thinking and moving robot toys in a not too distant future (before the next decade). And they will also be able to talk to each other, but then they will have real things to say, like how they’ve been treated, and what they’ve learned. They will also be able to talk and listen to humans, and do real things based on that.

Wikipedia about Furby: “The originals are still popular with many hackers as they can be dissected and made to do interesting things. In particular, their advanced audio capabilities and various sensory interfaces make them popular with the circuit bending community.”

More on hacking a Furby (with rather scary photos): New Furby Hacking – Part 1 – Skinning – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog

And information about the provider of the CPU/DSP used in the Furby: Sensory, Inc. – Embedded Speech Technologies for Consumer Electronics

Where can I get a Furby, or rather two?

The story continues…