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Will Nokia go for Microsoft?

This indicates problems with both Symbian and MeeGo, as they would otherwise be obvious choices. I’ve already ruled out Symbian of course, but it seems also MeeGo has problems: Nokia CEO prepares troops to jump into the unknown — AKA Microsoft (Updated) – VentureBeat

This very clearly says Nokia won’t go for Android: The Many Brilliant Layers Of Vic Gundotra’s Nokia-Exposing, Microsoft-Bashing Tweet

So it seems the rumors will come true: Nokia will go for Microsoft, and the fact will be revealed tomorrow.

Microsoft is not known to be vigilant nor knowledgeable about the mobile phone market, so Nokia will have to take a very active role in the further development of Microsoft’s mobile platform (whatever names it gets in the future) for this to become a success.

I wonder what Intel will say if Nokia drops MeeGo.