Bootstrap saves the day

Bootstrap is a front-end styling framework, that provides a balanced responsive design for Web apps.

Abiro has deployed it on some of the smaller properties: PhoneGap Image Generator, Picit, QR Code Generator and Trends, to improve their look and to evaluate pros and cons for possible deployment on larger properties later.

All smaller properties now also have ads and a right-adjusted sharing bar.

During the work the affected properties were also generally improved, especially Trends.

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Android and iOS completely dominate smartphones

Stunning dominance:

“Android and iOS operating systems held an astounding 99.6 percent of all worldwide smartphone sales during last year’s final quarter.”

“Android grabbed 81.7 percent of sales in the months spanning October through December last year.”

Windows Phone is on life support and BlackBerry OS has kicked the bucket

Microsoft still makes a lot of money on smartphones, due to IPR licensing. Blackberry now tries the same route.

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News about CliqTags

This is just a heads-up that a few things have happened lately at CliqTags, that might interest you:

CliqTags – News

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Abiro Picit

This new Web app provides an easy way to create custom pictures to post on social media.

As stated on the Picit page:

  • Brand-created Facebook posts that include images earn 87% of all engagement.
  • Tweets with images earn nearly 20% more clicks, nearly 90% more favorites, and 150% more retweets.

Currently it’s free to use, but it has ads. That will change if it becomes popular, and expect also additional features over time. Consider it an MVP for now.

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Chatbots FTW?

Is it realistic to make chatbots for popular chat services? Very much so. The state of the industry is such that best case you can set up chatbots without writing a line of code.

Here are a few services of note:

Especially has gone the extra mile to provide an end-to-end solution.

Chatbots face a few challenges right now. I decidedly don’t express my opinions, but the questions might give it away a bit.

  • Where will they provide any real bottom line value to companies? Are other values relevant enough?
  • Will anyone use them beyond the initial novelty/curiosity stage?
  • What tolerance do chatbots have for misspellings and abbreviations? People can’t spell.
  • Will the rather cumbersome act of asking a chatbot about things be preferred to clicking on exactly the thing you want on a web page, among maybe 100s of items?
  • Are they “intelligent” enough for a dialogue to seem natural and coherent when ordering, asking etc?
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Tech in 2017

What’s to be expected?

I believe a lot in different combinations of Mobile, Internet of Things, Big Data (and Analysis), Machine Learning, Robotics and Healthcare.

Machine Learning is one of the areas I’m studying right now for opportunities, not the least in the areas of autonomous robots and stock market analysis.

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Revamped PhoneGap Image Generator

The tool has a new look (based on Bootstrap) and some new functionality (filter what platforms to generate images for etc).

PhoneGap Image Generator

Approximately 500 image packs are created per day.

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Google shuts down Project Ara

That was not surprising at all, not saying the project was shut down for these obvious reasons:

  • Such an architecture makes the hardware more expensive.
  • The mobile industry is dependent on continuous (preferably yearly) complete phone replacements. Otherwise it would collapse.

Report: Google has stopped working on Project Ara

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Open Mobile Media about the mobile marketing channel

From the e-mail about the report:

Consumers now expect to be served through their channel of choice – and this is increasingly, mobile.

To give a 2016 update on how brands are tackling mobile, we surveyed over 100 senior mobile executives from industries including retail, travel and finance. They shared on:

  • Their challenges experienced with advertising on mobile
  • If they are developing for wearables platforms
  • Their mobile marketing budget and future projections
  • Which mobile tools they’re investing more in: mobile analytics or cyber security?

Get the results of the survey in an easily digestible infographic:

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Facebook Messenger Platform

Messenger Platform is great news for Web App/Service developers that need to reach chat users without having to develop their own mobile apps.

Are you interested in supporting Facebook Messenger Platform? Let us know and we might be able to help.

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