NFC in iPhone 6?

I don’t like to spread rumors (and it’s still a rumor), but many have written about upcoming support for NFC in iPhone 6, and it would for instance be very welcome for use with Abiro’s CliqTags, as described here: Can I use NFC tags with CliqTags, and if so how? Hopefully the scenario described also works with iPhone/iOS.

The rumor started already during May, and as rumors go people seem quite convinced that it’s true, but you never know with these things.

Here’s one of the more detailed notes about this, also describing NFC:

iPhone 6, NFC & TouchID: Apple’s 2014 Mobile Payments Push Explained

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News about Twitizer

A few new features added to Twitizer, and a few more are on the way, reflecting the fact that it’s mostly used for tweeting videos nowadays, and that it was in dire need of a redesign.

Twitizer Blog

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News about CliqTags

A collection of news published lately:

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Updated apps

Google is closing down the old AdMob service they acquired from AdMob Inc, and replaces it with a complete end-to-end upgrade.

That has required changes to all apps using such ads, and a few other things were enhanced as well, as per below:


  • Better-looking flat icons.

My Checkin

  • Uses Google Maps Android API v2.
  • Also a slightly new look with button icons.

Twitizer Uploader

  • Updated the look to that of
  • Increased stability and size of uploaded files.
  • Reintroduced ads.
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Twitter mania

Here’s a summary of Web apps Abiro provides that have a relation to Twitter.

Click to see more information and to go to respective site.


Build mobile campaign sites (supports Twitter feeds).



Follow Twitter trends via charts and events.



Create self-contained tweets.


Tweet with multimedia. See also Twitizer Uploader.

Twitizer - Timeline public

More is on the drawing board.

Ask us about integrating with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social networks.

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News about Twitizer

Normally news about Twitizer is posted on the Twitizer blog, but here’s an aggregation of things that’s happened the last months in reverse order. See the blog for more.

  • A flat design with mono-colored icons and buttons, a new logo and a more consistent color scheme
  • Support for emojis
  • When uploading a video, it will show up in the Twitter stream as well, by including the link to YouTube
  • When uploading one or more pictures, the first one will also show up in the Twitter stream
  • If posting a tweet with a location you can now deactivate the display of the map
  • When you enter you are taken to that user’s Twitizer timeline
  • Links, usernames and hashtags in messages behave as expected
  • Fully supporting the latest Twitter API (1.1)
  • When removing a message at Twitizer, it’s now removed at Twitter too (including any retweets)
  • When clicking on the Twitter icon for a user or message, you are taken to that user or message on Twitter
  • Much increased performance by caching pictures both on the server and in the browser

Twitizer - Timeline public

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Abiro Trends is released

Abiro Trends is a new service that visualizes Twitter trends and enables you to set up trend events.

Without registering, you can see the latest worldwide trends graphically. You can click on a keyword or hashtag to perform a search for it.

After registration you can see trends over time for any region supported by Twitter, and you can then also set up one or more events.

For the time being registration is free. If you sign up now you won’t be affected by a possible commercial setup later.


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Android is dominating sales

The One-Horse Race: 85% Of The 300M Smartphones Shipped In Q2 Were Android

As this market is consolidating: What will be the next disruptive device that we will all buy?

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On mobile media consumption

Mobile now clearly dominates, with good margin.

Infographic: Mobile Is Taking Over Digital Media Usage | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

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Incite about the state of mobile marketing

How to Grab Mobile Marketing’s Low-Hanging Fruit While Avoiding the Bad Apples – Part 1

Some of the more interesting findings:

  1. Americans and Europeans spend at least 2 hours a day looking at their mobile screens
  2. 57% of people will NOT recommend a company with a bad mobile website
  3. 85% of users prefer native mobile apps to mobile websites
  4. 51% of emails are now opened on mobile

Note the preference for native apps. Such still involve considerably more development time and cost than a mobile site, especially when comparing with creating content in a dedicated tool like CliqTags, but we can of course also help you build native apps.

I’d like to see similar stats for other parts of the world, as e.g. South Korea and Japan, and increasingly also China and India are sophisticated in this area.

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