Revamped PhoneGap Image Generator

The tool has a new look (based on Bootstrap) and some new functionality (filter what platforms to generate images for etc).

PhoneGap Image Generator

Approximately 500 image packs are created per day.

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Google shuts down Project Ara

That was not surprising at all, not saying the project was shut down for these obvious reasons:

  • Such an architecture makes the hardware more expensive.
  • The mobile industry is dependent on continuous (preferably yearly) complete phone replacements. Otherwise it would collapse.

Report: Google has stopped working on Project Ara

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Open Mobile Media about the mobile marketing channel

From the e-mail about the report:

Consumers now expect to be served through their channel of choice – and this is increasingly, mobile.

To give a 2016 update on how brands are tackling mobile, we surveyed over 100 senior mobile executives from industries including retail, travel and finance. They shared on:

  • Their challenges experienced with advertising on mobile
  • If they are developing for wearables platforms
  • Their mobile marketing budget and future projections
  • Which mobile tools they’re investing more in: mobile analytics or cyber security?

Get the results of the survey in an easily digestible infographic:

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Facebook Messenger Platform

Messenger Platform is great news for Web App/Service developers that need to reach chat users without having to develop their own mobile apps.

Are you interested in supporting Facebook Messenger Platform? Let us know and we might be able to help.

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Seminar about beacons and PhoneGap

This seminar was held at Media Evolution Center in Malmö, Sweden, 2016-04-07. It was split up in two sections, with an interlude with pizza, beer and a beacon treasure hunt.

This video shows how the Beacon Hunt app works (with speech!):

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Looking back on 2015, looking forward to 2016

It’s been an exciting year for Abiro. Examples:

  • Did consulting work for HemoCue, involving making an end-to-end solution for transferring measurements from HemoCue’s equipment to a server.
  • Did consulting work for Instant Advice (and indirectly Beconfident), involving development of a platform and apps for advice relating to over-the-counter products.
  • CliqTags got published on Samsung KNOX Marketplace, until they decided to close down the e-shop before even marketing had started.
  • Added support for iBeacon to CliqTags, so that it’s now a complete turnkey solution for beacon deployments.
  • The mobile apps related to CliqTags have been rounded out with ditto for iBeacon.
  • The IoTino concept has been copied (probably unknowingly) by several providers. Not a win for Abiro obviously, but indicating we were on the right track.
  • Bundled CliqTags with the meeting interaction offering provided by MM3 under the CloudConf name.
  • Set up a store for beacons for use with CliqTags.
  • Installed and configured numerous WordPress sites.
  • Provided several CliqTags-based solutions, including a mobile work ordering site and apps for Polygon Group.
  • Abiro has been active in the PhoneGap/Cordova community, and has provided a tool creating app icons and splash screens, as well as a tutorial and code template, for such apps.

Plans for 2016

  • Abiro will no longer offer software development on consulting basis, and rather offer management consulting only. Development will though continue within the company for its own products.
  • In terms of product offerings, Abiro will focus on CliqTags and possible IoT and healthcare opportunities.
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CliqTags, now with iBeacon

For more about this exciting topic, please see CliqTags Beacon Reader.

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IoTino at the awards

The IoTino concept has been submitted to the current round of IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup, where supposedly 100s of projects and concepts have been submitted. Hence, chances of winning are slim.

On a positive note, people I talk to about the gains of IoTino are generally positive.

Also, I’ve secured that hardware design and production can start pretty fast provided market interest.

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Microsoft and patent trolling

This is a sad story:

Microsoft makes more money from Samsung than from Skype, Windows Phone, and Xbox combined

What incentive does Microsoft then have to be competitive in the smartphone/tablet arena? Answer: None. They are just going through the motions, as they always have.

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NFC in iPhone 6

For a very specific use, not for generic triggering (at least for now):

I want to use NFC for things other than paying for stuff

Apple has locked down the NFC chip in its phone so it can only be used for Apple Pay. If you want to use it for exchanging contacts, checking the fare on your transit card, or whatever else, you’re out of luck. No iPhone for you!

(Quote from Wired)

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